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What is your idea of a healthy, loving relationship?
Are your relationship needs being met?
Relating refers to two people having a connection in thought, showing understanding, trust and an awareness of the others perception. Many couples fail to manage this successfully and consequently, find themselves feeling deeply unhappy.
  • Have you been experiencing feelings of sadness or despair over a relationship?
  • Do you feel deep unresolved anger or rage towards your ex or current partner?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed with anxiety or indecision as to what to do about it?
  • Perhaps you have recently split up with or lost a partner. Does the current loss you are feeling trigger past rejections?
  • Are you involved with a confusing or commitment phobic partner who blows hot and cold? 
  • Were you badly hurt in the past and now feel unable or fearful of allowing yourself to feel vulnerable again in a new relationship?
Over time, unpredictable behaviour in a partner can cause even the most functional person to act in in a dysfunctional way.
  • Does your partner's behaviour make you over analyze your interactions together?
  • Do you blame yourself when actually deep down you know that they are the one with the problem? 
  • Do you waste hours trying to figure their behaviour out?
  • Are you struggling to cope with being lied to or betrayed?
  • Are you scared to be single, perhaps staying in a relationship for the wrong reasons e.g financial security or for the sake of the children?
  • Do you lack the confidence in yourself to believe you will find the suitable partner that you deserve?
When the past affects the present:
All too often, due to the inadequate parenting of our mother or father we grow up feeling our needs as a child were not met, we then subconsciously try to recreate meeting those needs in our adult life.
  • Did you have a mother or father who's own needs came before yours?
  • Perhaps you feel they simply lacked the understanding and nurturing that you craved and therefore your emotional needs as a child were not met?
We often find ourselves getting involved with people similar to our parents, even though they are not actually the ideal type of partner for us.
Find out how I can help you begin moving forwards towards a happier relationship. Free no obligation telephone consultation 07984 011429
Support with:
Letting go and moving on
Unrequited love
Breaking the compulsive cycle / Pattern of behaviour when choosing a partner
Commitment Phobia
Humiliation, Sadness, Rage, Anger, Frustration, Jealousy
On / Off relationships
Relationships that are making you ill or sick
Mourning and grieving / Stages of loss
Dysfunctional relationships


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