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Tension Myoneural Syndrome (TMS), Psycho-Physiological Pain (PPD), Mind-Body Syndrome, Neuroplastic Pain, Neural Pathway Pain, Stress Illness Recovery in Newbury West Berkshire and Online Nationwide / Worldwide including the USA

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TMS(Tension Myoneural Syndrome) PPD Stress Illness Relief Mind-Body Syndrome Therapist face to face in Newbury West Berkshire and Online

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Are you caught up in the pain, fear, worry cycle of Tension Myoneural Syndrome? Overwhelmed perhaps with too much freely available information online on the Mind Body Connection or perhaps you’ve read books and and listened to podcasts but and still no better and confused as to what you need to do personally to rid yourself of your chronic pain and TMS Equivalent symptoms? Don’t worry, you’ve landed on the right page. Read on to find out how I can take you from fight flight to rest and repair far more easily than if you were to try it alone.

A little about my background and approach to this work
I am proud to be one of the very first UK therapist’s to qualify in the field of Chronic Pain / Stress Illness back in 2011 via an organisation called SIRPA. Now with over 13 years experience in the field of Mind Body Therapy I have devised my own comprehensive, integrative and hugely successful recovery programme which enables me to integrate my skill set as a Clinical and Cognitive Hypnotherapist whereby I can support you to access the 95% of you that is subconscious, i.e your emotions, reactions, fears and suppressed / repressed anger still being held onto by your nervous system. This is particularly helpful if you have tried the more traditional method of journalling and you are either resistant to it or it simply does not work for you. I’m also proud to be classed as award winning Hypnotherapist having recently been named as Hypnotherapist of the year 2024 for London and The South East, so you can rest assured you are in very safe, experienced hands.

I offer motivating support using both a therapeutic and a coaching model to people both face to face in London E18 and online nationwide and internationally via Zoom. My passion is to literally give people their lives back plus as an added bonus feel even more empowered then they did before as you really do learn so much about yourself along your healing journey. I am committed to keeping fully abreast and up to date with all of the exciting changes happening in this field as ‘brain science’ is fast becoming the go to method for the relief of chronic pain, symptom imperatives and TMS equivalents. I am proud to be associated with the PPDA (Psycho-physiological Pain Disorder Association) as a registered UK therapist.

What this means for you is that you when in comes to supporting you one on one rather than in a group setting you have my complete attention to focus on your personal recovery journey with you whatever that may look like, enabling me to devise a bespoke relief and recovery programme for your TMS Pain, Neural Pathway / Neuroplastic Pain / Mind-Body Pain.

My reviews speak for themselves on both Google and
I have successfully built up a highly regarded reputation, simply search Louise Levy Therapy Services Reviews
Mind Body Therapy You Can Trust.

Six weeks free use of the Curable App when signing up to my TMS relief and recovery programme.

What makes this programme different to traditional medicine recovery
This is a self empowering programme, where you do the work on yourself but the difference is you are not alone. From day one you will have my professional therapeutic support guiding and motivating you through actionable strategies which you can implement from start to finish and beyond, because you will learn so much more about yourself and the way you navigate through life. From the moment you sign up to my relief programme you will feel supported and encouraged to keep going through your own personal mental, psycho-physiological and emotional journey. I really do I understand how isolating and desperate you can feel at times, especially if you feel that no one else has your specific symptoms or is going through your particular emotional challenges. My promise to you is that you will see the same situation in a different way, and that’s a good thing. So whether you are right at the beginning of your awareness of Mind-Body Syndrome Therapy or you ‘get it’ but feel you need some one on one specialist therapeutic support you’ve landed on the right page. If you’ve already done the education through reading, podcasts and videos and you ‘believe’ you have TMS or Mind-Body Syndrome Pain including equivalents such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Severe Anxiety then my bespoke specialist integrative TMS relief programme will help you get back to rest and repair to a point where self regulation can take place. I do this by introducing you to and drawing on proven established approaches in the field of Mind-Body Syndrome Recovery such as journalling, supporting you with writing exercises and emotional awareness and expression through therapy, inner child healing, allude to somatic tracking with pain reprocessing exercises and introduce you to positive self talk and goal setting to reduce fear of doing further damage and avoidance.

Remember not all emotional healing is linear and rest assured we will go at a pace that feels right for you without putting too much pressure on yourself to recover overnight. All of my bespoke programmes are tailor made to you so if a technique is not working for you or you prefer to keep things simple without lots of techniques we do just that and work psycho-therapeutically through your story towards your ‘back to normal’ whatever that looks like, and feels like for you because of this you can choose to opt for my more paired back 5 session relief programme or my fully integrated 10 session programme (Both of these programmes follow on from a 90 minute diagnostic session). There is some confusion that you must have had to experience a big trauma in your life to experience this condition but that is simply not the case. Many of my patients may have had a really happy childhood and if this is the case we are not going to spend time unearthing something that isn’t there, it might be for you that you can relate more to having a Type A personality that I elude to lower down on this page headed Personality Traits

Remember this is a human condition, we all show up differently daily and there are many things that can impact on our nervous system so be kind with yourself if you are experiencing periods of stress in your life.

With my own unique set of skills and competence I can use Clinical and Cognitive Hypnotherapy to bring about a more rapid transforming change of emotional thoughts feelings and behaviours. With these psychological tools I will support you with letting go of the unresolved emotions that are triggering your nervous system. Because 95 percent of our thoughts and feelings are subconscious, Hypnotherapy is a fantastic, powerful yet completely safe tool to help you identify those suppressed and repressed emotions. I will also make suggestions around tweaking those aspects of your personality that you suspect may be causing your internal uncomfortable emotions to how you would ideally like to think feel and behave. CBT can be used to support your positive mindset, learning to control your thoughts better generally is so important so that you have ‘safe’ rather than fearful ‘high alert’ thoughts not just around the pain but around all of the emotional experiences you have had and are having in your life. As a qualified CBT Life and Personal Development Coach I will implement coaching tools to support your personal growth and development, by break down your short and long term goals into bite size manageable chunks in order that you do not feel overwhelmed taking you from where you are now to where you want to get to. We simply one by one remove all the obstacles out of the way so that you are left with a clear path to get from A – B. Take yourself forward in time and imagine how you will feel when you are finally free to just get on and enjoy the rest of your life.

As an NLP Master Practitioner I can draw on the powerful principles of NLP to reprogram your old reactive patterns and limiting belief.

Extended therapy can also include parts therapy, integrate mindfulness, Polyvagal Theory and OldPain2Go used to turn off old pain signals In this way I offer a really comprehensive, tailor made nuts and bolts approach, enabling you to create new neural pathways of safety whilst being fully therapeutically supported in applying the principals of recovery that feel right for you.

There are also encouraging, positive success stories coming through that by applying mind-body recovery principles to Long Covid Clients, that a back to normal recovery can be made for these patients too.If this is you then do go ahead and ask about my Long Covid Mind-Body Recovery Programme

If you are new to this work then do take the time to educate yourself with my freely available information and links to resources below – The only thing you’ve got to lose are your symptoms and pain!

‘This is not about taking a leap of faith, it’s about taking a leaf of evidence’. Alan Gordon

Are you suffering from a chronic condition that is not being resolved with conventional medicine or treatments? Why do you suspect that is? Are you open to to finding out the true reason? Read on:

Simply put our mind and body are connected: What we think we feel.

Are you overwhelmed and frustrated feeling depressed and at a loss as to what to try next?

When we feel emotional, self induced pressures as identified above along with the anger, rage, frustration, worry, hurt, guilt, fear and sadness that goes along with it this emotional energy literally gets bottled up inside of us. These emotions filter through to our body from our mind and then have to come out somehow. How do they come out? They show up in our body as physical symptoms such as:


Pain in our Back, Neck, Shoulder, Knee, Hip, Elbow TMJ, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, RSI, Whiplash etc

Stomach and Bowels:

Abdominal pain, Ulcers Nausea, Colitis, Hiatus Hernia, Heartburn, Acid Re-flux IBS, Frequent Urination, Unexplained Pelvic Pain

Skin and Hair problems:

Eczema, Psoriasis, Rashes, Alopecia, Chronic Hives

Heart and Lung problems:

Unexplained Chest Pain, Repetitive Cough, High Blood Pressure, Shortness of Breath, Palpitations

Long term conditions:

Long Covid, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Dizziness, Tinnitus, Migraine and Tension Headaches, Vulvodynia, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Difficulty Swallowing, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Eating Disorders, Bells Palsy, Self Mutilation or Self Harming etc

TMS (Tension Myoneural Syndrome) is becoming more and more understood. As one of the most experienced Mind Body Syndrome Therapists in the London Area with over 12 years specialist experience working one to one with clients and patients both UK and world wide you can trust you are in very safe, experienced hands.

As a qualified PPD TMS / Stress Illness Relief Therapist, now most commonly referred to as a Mind Body Syndrome Disorder Specialist in Neural Pathway Pain, I will be able to empathically listen and non- judgmentally support you in your recovery far more effectively than if you were to try it alone

Common exposure to stress(Fear, anger, hurt, sadness, worry, guilt, confusion and shock) means we literally get stuck in a high alert state of flight, fight, freeze or Fawn

Typically my patients will tell me they have spent years, feeling powerless, helpless, not validated, victimised, codependent. Scapegoated, Ostrecised. Have allowed themselves to be violated in some way with no boundaries of self care or self love and have developed unheathly coping strategies of disassociating, avoiding, suppressing and repressing emotions.

Read these inspiring stories of just a handful of my past patients below:

Call me now on 07984011429 for a complementary, 10-minute assessment call to find out more. From there, if you decide to proceed, the next step is to complete an in-depth questionnaire online. This captures your life story in a potted version. It also asks you to identify aspects of your personality that may be fueling or feeding your stress Illness.

Evidence shows that if you suffered Adverse Childhood Experiences or a high ACE score as it is known, you are more likely to develop neural pathway chronic pain and other long term health conditions decades later in your adult years.

Check your ACE Score and learn what it means here

As an example of the type of trauma that can effect young people years later into adult life here are some of the more common that I find coming to me for therapy:

Growing up with a parent that was a narcissist, Usually unaware that the parent is a narcissist but just accepting this as normal (A narcissist is unable to empathise for the child, will typically put their own needs first most of the time, seeing the child as a trophy to show off when then were behaving or performing well but being disgusted easily if the child failed to live up to the parents expectations).

Domestic violence, either watching another parent being violated or experiencing it themselves

Parental abandonment through separation, divorce or death

A parent with a mental health or physical health condition meaning that the child’s needs were secondary or not fully met

When the young person has to take on the role of caretaker to step up to look after the parent

Being the victim of abuse (physical, sexual and/or emotional) with another person either known or unknown or relative

Growing up with a member of the household being in prison and or involved with crime

Growing up in a household where adults and significant others are openly using alcohol and or drugs or displaying adverse effects of these habits.

Video on how Mind / Body Syndrome works

We all have a story. Events, situations and trauma can happen to us throughout our lives and some of that which we experience can leave a long-term scar, not just consciously but subconsciously. In a metaphoric way, sometimes our body tries to heal and ‘scabs’ over but we keep picking at it mentally.

95% of our thoughts, feelings and behaviour are subconscious, we are not aware of them, so what we are experiencing, feeling and thinking is just the tip of the iceberg.

Typically people with TMS or Mind / Body Syndrome have been through things in their live that they found unsettling. Feelings such as anger, hurt, grievances, frustrations, deep sadness, fear and anxiety over time, if not let go, play havoc with our emotional, mental and physical well being. This causes an awful lot of Complex Post Traumatic Stress in our bodies. Our instinctive fight, fight, flee response kicks in to try to protect us as it would have in the days when we were trying to save ourselves from being attacked by a lion. In modern times the metaphoric lion may now be our boss, our partner or a particularly overwhelming scenario.

Simply put our mind and body are connected

There is also the current day to day stress that we generate, this can be a build up of minor scenarios or a sudden event that we are confronted with related to our:

Work Pressure
Family Dynamics
Relationships Past and Present
Narcissistic Family Abuse
Financial Concerns
Generated Life Traumas
Commitment Overload
and of course small everyday challenges in today’s fast paced world that
build up inside of us.

It is said that it is not what happens to us in life but how we process those events that cause the problem. Our unique personality makes us who we are. Typically people suffering from TMS, or Mind body Disorders have what is known as a Type A Personality who internalize their thoughts and feelings have high standards for themselves and of others and can put a great deal of pressure on themselves to be perfect.

Below are some of these personality traits that I see in my patients time after time.

Being critical of yourself
Worrying about what others think
Being a worrier
Being a perfectionist or having high expectations of yourself or others
Having low self esteem
People pleasing
Feeling overly dependent on others
Feeling overly responsible or overwhelmed with responsibility
Tending to hold thoughts and feelings in (Internalizing)
Having difficulty making decisions
Having difficulty letting things go
Not standing up for yourself or expressing yourself for fear of consequences

What this means in simplified terms is that our suppressed and repressed emotions cause inner tension or TMS
Your pain is real, but it’s coming from your emotional content as opposed to a physical cause.

If this page resonates with you and you would like to find out more, do get in touch. By raising your awareness of how your mind affects your body, you will be in a much better place to understand how you can help yourself feel empowered to manage and take control of your symptoms. We are all human we will all experience sensations within our mind and body that change fluidly throughout the day. Complementary 10 minute telephone consultation

Follow this with my stand alone 90 minute diagnostic session identifying areas in your life story that have led to you developing TMS. (We look at past issues as far back as your childhood if relevant, current life concerns and stresses and aspects of your personality). You can then decide if you would like to continue working with me through your recovery or if you would like me to give you some aims and objectives as to how you can continue to help yourself.

If you would then like to continue to receive my full support you can enter into my Rest and Repair Recovery Programme will be made up of 10 x 50 minute sessions. Recovery in this time is most possible. but will also be dependent on how much you need to address and work through, plus the level of value and commitment you place on your own healing journey working on various aspects of your healing journey yourself between sessions and of course having my support to fall back on throughout your programme.
If you cannot commit to 10 sessions it may be that my shorter Priority 5 x 50 minute session package will be of value to you. Whilst 5 sessions will most likely not be enough to work through and resolve all of your life concerns, we can certainly prioritise and work on what is most pressing emotionally for you. This programme will not include the technique ‘Old Pain 2 Go”but can include hypnotherapy and CBT as well as introducing you to all of the main stream approaches that you can use to empower yourself between therapeutic sessions with myself. Kindly note both programmes are non partially refundable

Seven good reasons why people choose me as their TMS therapist time after time!

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What have you got to lose?

Step one of your recovery that you can do for yourself RIGHT NOW is to begin to change all of those negative, emotional thought patterns that may have plagued you for years.

Click here and start taking control NOW

Through working with your understanding, I will help you see how the way that you think, feel and behave in your life currently is causing your body to develop what feels like very real, physical symptoms.

With my professional support, together we can work through your story, triggers, and emotions using effective tools, techniques and strategies to support you get to the root of what’s really causing your emotional pain and ‘hurt’

With my 10 session integrative package of support, I will teach you how to manage your emotions better, to overcome stressful thoughts and feelings and feel empowered to take control of your physical symptoms through your mind.

I will also teach you cognitive techniques to end the constant automatic negative thoughts that are causing your symptoms to persist.

Where appropriate, I will also support you to make peace of with all those past painful experiences that your mind and body have held onto. I can also include Hypnosis as part of this package. 95% of our thoughts and feelings are subconscious so we have a whole underworld that I can help you to access if you are strugging to connect with your suppressed and repressed emotions.

Both recovery packages start with the completion online of an in-depth questionnaire of your life story in a nut-shell eluding to past stresses, current stresses and identifying aspects of your personality that may be fueling your TMS Mind-Body Disorder. We then work through this information together during your 90 Minute Diagnostic Session this can take place either online or at my consulting rooms in London E18

Remember the best thing about the past is IT’S OVER- You deserve to move on so don’t wait to ‘rest in peace when you die, Live in it instead with my specialist support.

Qualifications for your peace of mind do take a look at my Qualifications Page (top blue bar of my home page)