I Passed! – So Happy

I went to see Louise 7 years ago to help me with blushing and anxiety. throughtout the hypnotherapy sessions, Louise helped me to understand my triggers and I was able to deal with them. Louise gave me the tools to help myself and taught me how to do self-hypnosis which I use to re-centre myself.
I went to see Louise again on Friday as I had an exam on Saturday. Due to failing the maths exam twice and if I failed it a third time I would lock myself out of teacher training for two years. I had built it up so much that’s I was full of anxiety and fear of failing.
The hypnotherapy session with Louise was fantastic and she helped me to clear my mind, believe in myself and relax.
Whilst taking my exam I was able to push the pressure of having to pass away and I was able to focus clearly on the questions.
I passed the exam!! :0)
Thank you so much, Louise x

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