You put the fun back into motherhood!

We contacted Louise Levy late in 2015 because we have an eight year old son who is autistic and was struggling with anxiety issues and was displaying some of the early signs of OCD.
Though our son had had some counselling before, he’d never really enjoyed the process and we’d struggled to find someone and somewhere where he felt comfortable enough to relax and talk about the things that were Read More
I went to see Loiuise because in the past I have suffered bad stage nerves. She is an excellent listener and came up with a treatment plan quickly. I only saw her 4 times after my initial assessment and, after my last treatment, I didn’t know if it had worked. I am pleased to say it did! I have just completed a 17 performance run in Panto and thoroughly enjoyed it, nothing but a slight flutter (which you need) Thank you Louise, you certainly put the fun back into it for me.