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Virtual Gastric Band

Virtual Gastric Band Hypotherapy in E18

Hypnotic Gastric Stomach Banding

With Louise Levy

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Are you fed up with trying to lose weight?

Have you spent years yo-yo dieting?

Are you guilty of putting too much on your plate?

Do you reward yourself with unhealthy food treats?

If the answer is yes, allow me to help you help yourself eat less.
With the hypnotic gastric band in place you will no longer be relying on just will power alone. You will notice that you simply eat smaller portions and feel just as satisfied.

Below is a summary of a surgical gastric band and a virtual gastric band procedure for your comparison.

What is a surgical gastric band?

A gastric band is a hollow silicone ring that is placed around the upper part of the stomach and filled with saline.

What is a virtual gastric band?

A virtual gastric band is ‘suggested’ as exactly the same thing where under hypnosis the subconscious mind is convinced and accepts the suggestion that a gastric band operation has taken place.The sub conscious mind does know the difference between what is real and what is not.

How does a gastric band work?

A gastric band works by restricting the stomach, dividing it into a small pouch which can only hold around half a cupful of food above the stomach area below. When this pouch is full, it sends a message to your brain that you are completely full and cannot eat any more. If you were to try to eat any more the chances are that you would feel or actually be sick.

How does a virtual gastric band work?

A virtual gastric band works by the subconscious mind holding onto the firmly held belief that you have a gastric band fitted and that there is a major reduction in your stomach capacity. Importantly, because the psychological issues are also addressed, you will notice a completely different, much more positive mind-set and attitude towards food and your eating habits.

How is a surgical gastric band implanted?

The gastric band is implanted laparoscopically (Keyhole surgery). The procedure usually takes around 40 minutes.

How is a virtual gastric band implanted?

The virtual gastric band is implanted by ‘suggestion’ as part of your hypnotherapy session. This relaxing procedure takes around 40 minutes.

How much weight will I lose with a surgical gastric band?

Gastric band patients loose on average 2lb -5lb a week depending on how large they are to start with.

How much weight will I lose with a virtual gastric band?

Remarkably, hypnotic virtual gastric band patients can lose exactly the same as stated above.

What are the risks with having a surgical gastric band fitted?

As with any surgery there are potential risks and complications that may arise such as infection, bleeding and on rare occasions death.

What are the risks of having a virtual hypnotic band implanted?

This procedure is 100% safe, guaranteed.

No Invasive Surgery

No Complications

No Risk Of Obstructions Or Slipped Bands

No Scars

No Discomfort

No Recovery Time

What are the health benefits of having a surgical gastric band?

The health benefits of a surgical gastric band can lead to a healthier, fitter more active life where premature death and serious illness can be avoided. Patients traditionally notice a lift in mood and self confidence, while sleep patterns can also dramatically improve.

What are the health benefits of having a virtual gastric band?

In short the benefits are exactly the same. Most importantly in addition to the above your psychological relationship with food is changed. The biggest reason why surgical gastric bands fail is that the psychological component of your eating habits are not thoroughly addressed.

Is your BMI over 30?

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What have you got to lose?

General Weight Loss Also Available As A Four Session Treatment Programme (Following a diagnostic session).