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Childrens Therapy Online and Face to Face at Lily House

Hypnosis For Children Age 6-12 exclusively online in the UK and worldwide during the Corona Virus Office based in London E18

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Many children suffer and struggle unnecessarily with emotional trauma and symptoms when just a few sessions of hypnotherapy could make all the difference. Most children love it as I use a range of story telling themes that stimulate their imagination in a helpful way. As one of the few local hypnotherapists to E18 trained in specializing with young people you can rest assured that I am DBS (CRB) checked so your child is quite safe.

Below is a list of areas that I offer support with:

Separation Anxiety
Coping With Bullying
Aggression/ Rage
Building Confidence
Low Self Esteem
Overcoming Exam Nerves
Bed Wetting
Thumb Sucking
Nail Biting
Picky Eating

Common Childhood Fears:

The Dark
Medical Procedures / Needles
The Dentist
Being Left Home Alone

Emotional Effects of:

Physical Stress Symptoms e.g. Stomach Aches, Headaches etc
Hurt / Sadness / Anger / Fear / Worry etc

If you do not find your concern listed here, do give me a call and I will let you know if I can help your child. Plus if you are struggling at parenting, feeling stressed, exhausted, frustrated, sad, guilty or holding onto any other emotions that are preventing you from meeting your child’s needs then ask about my Mindful Mums and Dads Programme, because parenting can be tough and professional support can make the difference between just surviving to thriving- you owe it to yourselves