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Find out if I am the right therapist for you before you book.
Complimentary 10 minute, no obligation telephone consultation.
All new therapy starts with a diagnostic consultation.

Investing in yourself, your mental and physical health and well being – What is it’s value to you?

First Diagnostic Face to Face Consultation for all Hypnotherapy, Guidance Counselling, CBT Coaching and NLP. This excludes TMS / Mind Body Recovery. (For TMS Recovery fees scroll down further below) £120 Face to Face / £115 Online.
One off Careers Guidance Fee £130 Face to face £125 Online
Saturday morning appointments are available up until 1pm. These carry a weekend premium rate of £130 Face to Face and £125 Online

Followed by either

5 x Follow on block booked sessions follow your diagnostic session (Paid in full, non partially refundable)
This includes all modalities of therapy as explained above. £550 Face to Face / £535 Online Monday to Friday
Saturday fees £650 Face to Face and £635 Online

3 x Follow on top up block booked sessions for use after a 5 session programme (Paid in full, non partially refundable) £330 Face to Face / £315 Online Monday to Friday,
Saturday Fees £390 Face to face and £385 Online

This is the same fee regardless of which type of therapy you have (Hypnosis, CBT, Coaching, NLP, Guidance Counselling and TFT)

Couple Therapy / Couple Coaching

1 x Diagnostic session carried out individually is a pre-requisite £120 Face to Face / £115 Online per person.
Followed by block of 5 x Couple Sessions £600 Face To Face / £585 Online
Some couples may benefit from repeating the block of 5 Sessions, this is optional.

Virtual Gastric Band Programme(5 sessions)

Including email support £600 Face to Face / £585 Online
This follows a diagnostic consultation

Stop Smoking(2 sessions) £350 Face to Face / £335 Online
This follows a diagnostic consultation

Emergency / Out of hours appointments available on a Saturday £130 Face to Face / £125 Online

TMS 90 Minute TMS Mind-Body Syndrome Assessment

£299 Face to Face / £285 Online

TMS Integrative Recovery (Recommended)

My Mind Body Recovery Programme is a bespoke, integrative programme which on my 10 session programme can include Hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP, Coaching, Mindfulness, Oldpain2Go, Parts Therapy and Inner Child Healing Therapy, as well as introducing you to and supporting you with all of the most cutting edge principles and strategies known to aid recovery through education, awareness of your suppressed and repressed emotions, self soothing strategies to take you back to rest and repair, somatic tracking and goal setting. It can be taken both Face to face and online as an integrative programme.

For those that are fully aware of this work and are looking for a top up I offer a 5 x 50 Minute sessions £699 Face to Face or £685 Online Please note this programme is non partially refundable but remaining sessions may be banked for up to one year or passed onto somebody else.

For many people with TMS / PPD / Mind-Body Disorders who are new to this work, 5 sessions will most certainly not be enough to cover all areas of your life, particularly if you have a lot of emotional trauma to work through and wish to work through a full range of techniques as highlighted above.It is however possible to cherry pick some of the approaches that you feel would be a priority for you to focus on and work through some if not all of your concerns over a 5 session programme.

‘My Most Recommended and Popular Premium Recovery Programme Package’ consists of 10 Sessions (50 Minutes Each) of integrative therapy typically used over a 3 month period This service is totally bespoke to your needs and can include all of the techniques offered on my TMS / PPD Page. Offered both online £1385 and face to face £1398 Non partially refundable but unused sessions may be banked for up to 1 year

Extended CBT Life Coaching Packages. Ideal for those going through longer transitions of stressful life experiences or emotional trauma where empathic support and guidance will make all the difference. Both packages follow a diagnostic consultation

Silver Package 3 Months Support of 12 Sessions of 50 Minutes Face to Face £1330 / Online £1300
Gold Package 6 Months Support of 24 Sessions of 50 Minutes Face to Face £2660 / Online £2600

Both packages to include ongoing email support. These packages are non partially refundable but unused sessions may be banked for up to one year or transferred onto a friend or family member

Past Life Regression one off experience £130 Face to Face / £125 Online

Ongoing Past Life Therapy £120 Face to Face / £115 Online per session

One off Relaxation Hypnotherapy

(1 x 50 minute session) £120 Face To Face / £115 Online

All sessions booked are subject to a strict 48-hour notice policy.