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Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision In East London/Essex

Available by Zoom Country Wide

In order to maintain your professional membership, as a newly qualified hypnotherapist, The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) state that all members must be supervised by a qualified Hypnotherapy Supervisor for at least the first two years of their professional practice. If you are a member of the NCH it is the first three years.

Members wishing to upgrade their membership status will also require a report from their supervisor.

After this time it is up to you if you feel you wish to continue with the benefits of one to one supervision.

Always check with your individual professional body to find out exactly what supervision you need, for how long, and how often you require it in accordance with their code of ethics and standards of practice.

Working in private practice as a hypnotherapist can be an extremely isolating profession. Call now for a free chat to find out if I am a good match for you Tel 07984011429. or email to arrange a Zoom chat [email protected]

Supervision available face to face (Additional service fee will apply) via Zoom, Face-time, or phone.

Why choose me as your supervisor? I have over 20 years experience working in the field of Guidance Counseling.
15 years experience working in the field of Cognitive Behavioral Coaching and 12 years experience working in the field of Clinical and Cognitive Hypnotherapy, so have a wealth of experience to share with you. I am registered with both the GHR and NCH as a senior therapist and certified by the GHR in Clinical Supervision.

I use a developmental model of supervision, which means that regardless of whether you are a trainee, newly qualified, just finding your feet or an established therapist with a full case load, I can be an objective pair of ears and eyes to support you gain clarity, self awareness, focus, self-confidence, competence and offer the space to process your feelings.

In simplified terms, I will support and enable you to meet your organisational, professional and personal objectives.

Tel 07984011429
[email protected]

What are the benefits to you?

What can we cover in your sessions?

Basically, anything that is impacting on your professional practice to include:

Individual case studies whilst maintaining confidentiality

Transference / Counter transference / Parallel transference

Developing questioning skills

Reflective practice on your strengths and weaknesses

A safe space to offload / discuss whats on your mind

Interventions / Scripts

Preparation of patient /client sessions

Note taking

Ethical concerns

Confidentiality concerns

Conflict management

Time management

Developing a viable and profitable business

Marketing / Advertising

Managing your business administration

Work / Life Balance

Practical aspects of your work

Your vision for your developing business


Burn out / Self-care / Your emotional well being

Celebrate your successes with you

Frequently Asked Questions

How can supervision be carried out?

Either face to face at Lily House Consulting Rooms South Woodford London E18. Or by Phone, SKYPE, Face time or ZOOM. Available country wide

Do I need to be a member of the GHR?

No, you can be with any professional body including the NCH, and HS

When are sessions available?

Midday and evening appointments available Monday to Friday

How many sessions and how frequently do I need supervision.

This will depend on the Professional Body that you belong to, check with your Professional Bodies Code of Ethics and Practice of Standards for guidance in order to comply.

What are the costs to me as a therapist for clinical supervision?

Supervision costs £70 for 50 minutes online, for face to face please add a £20 service charge:

One off, emergency sessions are available to experienced practitioners beyond 5 years qualified who wish to discuss a complex case, this fee is £90 Online. Supervision lasts for 50 Minutes.
My aim is to support you become more efficient, effective and creative at your job whilst remaining non judgmental, emphatic and professional
[email protected]