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Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissistic Abuse Specialist Support in E18

Shift from Codependent to Independent, with my support.

Are you involved with a Narcissist?

Do you recognize you need support to change your thoughts, feelings and behavior towards them, because a narcissist won’t change theirs?

Do you have a:

Narcissistic Mother, Father, Sibling, Son, Daughter,
Other Family Member, Friend or Colleague?

Making the connection, raising your awareness

Did you grow up in a narcissistic family environment? Perhaps you were not even aware that you did as the signs were so subtle and you didn’t realize that’s what it was. If so, you’re not alone.

Did a member of your family:

Lack empathy, seem very cold or distant?

Did you feel a sense of not being wanted or supported?

Did your family member blow hot and cold with their love in a passive/ aggressive kind of way so you didn’t know where you were with them?

Did they make up lies and stories about you to other members of your family and extended family?

Did your mother or father play one sibling off against the other?

Did they seem to enjoy creating drama?

Did they seem to be hyper-critical of your actions, thoughts, and feelings?

Did you feel as if you had to tread on egg shells around them?

Do you feel as if you had blame projected onto you unfairly?

Did they seem to provoke arguments for the sake of creating ‘drama’ when things were going peacefully?

Did they come out with odd, destructive statements that caused you to think, ‘did they really say that’?

Do you feel as if something is just ‘off’ with the family dynamics but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it?

Do you feel like you are the one going mad due to the narcissist’s erratic behavior?

How does NPD come about?

NPD or Narcissistic Personality Disorder can come about through generational, genetic, environmental or childhood adversity.

Have you had enough of giving away your power and being the scapegoat or black sheep of the family?

The main thing to understand is it’s not your fault, and if your family member or partner is disposed to this type of personality, nothing you do will ever quite be good enough, even if it is for a while, it will not be long until the goal post is moved.

Narcissists simply don’t care about you – because it’s all about them.

A Narcissist will not comfort you in your hour of need, instead they will tell you how they told you so with a straight face.

A Narcissist is all about gaining and holding onto power and control, especially at your most vulnerable point.

If what you are reading resonates with you, call me now to find out how I can best support you or email [email protected]

As a victim of Narcissistic Abuse you will have absorbed many painful beliefs and accepted those as your chemical makeup. If not addressed, these can stay with you throughout your life time with devastating effects on your physical and mental health and well being.

Without realizing it you, will attract similar personality types into your life in order to try to subconsciously heal old wounds, until you raise your awareness of the full impact of what you have or are experiencing, you will not be able to heal.

Narcissists typically attract em-paths

Do you see yourself as someone who is naturally sensitive, wanting to please others, who dislikes a lot of noise and confrontation?

Are you struggling to let go thinking that if you keep trying you will be the one to change or save the narcissist?

Allow me to support you on your emotional healing journey, however broken you are support is at hand, you can recover with my support

Learn to understand the common terminology of this abuse

Love Bombing

Trauma Bonding

Gas Lighting

Flying Monkey


Grey Stone Rocking

Boundary Violation

Circular Conversations

Support with working through all of the above plus:

Emotional confusion, anger, hurt, the sadness, pain, grief at the loss of who you thought they were or should be.

Feeling addicted to the narcissist even though you know deep down they are not giving you to the love you deserve.

Finding the strength to go ‘No Contact’ or ‘Limited Contact’ if there are children involved.

I will help you to help yourself get strong mentally, physically and emotionally so that you no longer allow yourself to be part of the narcissistic supply.

Support with setting boundaries

Support with codependency

Support with understanding your fight, flight, freeze or fawn response

Dissolve the pain, shock and trauma that resides within your mind and body – with my support.