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Relaxation Therapy

Relaxation Therapy In London E18

Are you aware that you need to do something for yourself in order to cope better with your life and daily responsibilities but are not sure what?

Perhaps you are aware of subtle, niggling concerns but are not yet ready or wishing to engage in full on talking therapy or exploration.

Perhaps you have been working very hard lately and sense that your mind and body have had enough.

Perhaps you have heard about hypnosis and are curious to sense what it feels like to experience it before you commit yourself to ongoing therapy.

My hypnotic relaxation therapy is a therapeutic aid that that will give you the break, space and time you need to find your sense of self again.

In this fast paced world which we all live in nowadays we sometimes forget to remember to just breath and be still.

Perhaps you notice that your mind and body often feel overloaded, agitated, tight or tense. You may have even tried to reduce your tension by self soothing in some way. Typically people may use food, drink or cigarettes for comfort but this only offers a very short term release.

My Therapeutic Relaxation Hypnosis is an extremely effective, powerful way to reduce your stress and anxiety by slowing down your whole being -mind and body.

What can you expect to get out of it.

With just one session it will:

Enhance your ability to think more clearly and rationally

Enable you make focused decisions

Enable you to switch off and rest in order to recharge

Enable you to sleep more deeply

Reduce your feelings of being over loaded or over whelmed

Gain real clarity for yourself

Build on your inner strengths and resources – which perhaps you were not even aware you had.

This empowering relaxation therapy will help you gain a sense of perspective, calm control, confidence and well being.

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