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Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention in East London/Essex

‘Depression is the common cold of Modern Life’ The QPR Institute

Suicidal thoughts are common.

Suicidal acts, threats and attempts are less common but much more common than people think.

Suicide can be difficult to talk about. I have been taught exactly how to broach this subject using the correct form of questioning and am not afraid or resistant to using them. This, for many people untrained in this field, is the biggest difficulty.

What is QPR?

QPR is an acronym for Question, Persuade and Refer.

Applying QPR is an emergency intervention for someone experiencing a psychological emotional crisis.

As a qualified QPR Suicide Gatekeeper, I know the direct verbal and indirect or coded verbal clues to look out for. I also understand the examples of behavioural warning signs.

By applying QPR and using the three straightforward steps of Question, Persuade and Refer my aim is to help the suicidal person shift their feelings away from hopelessness and helplessness towards feeling supported and understood.

Events that may trigger suicidal thoughts or actions
may come on quickly over a period of days, weeks, months or decades

Below is a list, though not comprehensive, of some of the most common reasons:

The death of a spouse, loved one, other family member or friend

Sudden rejection by a boyfriend or girlfriend

The diagnosis of a terminal illness such as cancer

Living with chronic pain or a chronic condition

Living with a neurological condition such as M.S

Anticipated loss of finances or home

Loss of a job

Being arrested

Living with domestic violence or in an intolerable situation

Being expelled from school

Being regularly under the influence of drugs and alcohol

Other less talked about suicidal thoughts and action can come from high achievers who put a lot off pressure on themselves such as:

Business owners who’s business may be floundering.

Successful businessman or woman who are not performing as highly as they think they should be or could be.

High flying students facing academic study and exams.

Occupational exams.

Talented musicians, athletes etc.

Those overwhelmed, stressed to breaking point.

Suicide can be preventable, there is hope and by applying QPR My objective is to plant that seed of hope.

I Question first in a non judgmental way, then persuade the person to say yes to getting the help and support they need either through therapy with myself or with the appropriate professional. Refer, a professional team approach is often best.

If you yourself are feeling suicidal or you know someone who you suspect may be, reach out and get professional help now
Tel 07984 011429 or email [email protected]