So happy I can smile again! – Priceless

I don’t know how she did it but after seeing Louise Levy last Friday I went home put my teeth in and I was absolutely fine. No gagging whatsoever. I have been keeping them in all the time now. Going out and eating in them-it is amazing. When I came to Louise for hypnotherapy I was desperately trying to wear my new false teeth without gagging. I had very negative thoughts thinking it would not work and cannot believe what has happened after just one visit it is amazing. I had a dental appointment yesterday and my Dentist was most impressed as he knew how bad I was. I hope you don’t mind Louise but they have put your contact details onto their computer so that any other patients with my problem can contact you.I am going to the O A P
Christmas party today and I feel so happy that I can wear my teeth and “Smile”.
Thank you Louise for helping me. If ever I have any problems I shall come to you.