I started having back problems in my teens. Three decades later I was still suffering and was having a particularly bad bout when I came across the work of Dr John Sarno and his theory of TMS. Despite TMS being relatively unknown in this country, Louise was one of a handful of therapists who understood the theory and, amazingly, her clinic was located very close to me in London.
To cut a long story short, Louise was the catalyst that kick-started my pain management. She was patient with me as I struggled to come to terms with my condition having a strong emotional component and she gave me many useful and practical tools that I continue to work with. My improvement but 5 months since first seeing Louise and working with her though the SIRPA recovery programme, I am confident that I am finally on the right track.
I highly recommend Louise, especially to anyone suspecting a psychosomatic illness. I found the hypnotherapy particularly valuable in getting to the root cause of many of my symptoms.
She is also a kind and caring person who makes you feel supported, and was very accessible between sessions.