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TFT (Thought Field Therapy) In London E18

What is TFT? TFT stands for Thought Field Therapy

It is a technique that brings about rapid relief from all kinds of emotional distress. It works rather like acupuncture but there are no needles involved and it is completely painless. The treatment involves simply tapping with the fingers on various parts of the face and upper body. This stimulates the body’s meridians to resolve internal problems, many of which may have long been held onto by the body. The technique is fast, effective and 100% safe.

This is a technique that I can quickly and easily teach you to use yourself. Emotional problems often reduce significantly in minutes.

What can it be used for?

TFT was originally developed by Roger Callahan, it has been used worldwide for the treatment of trauma, addictive urges, anger, anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, obsession(OCD), depression, grief, rage, shame, guilt, nail biting, quitting smoking etc. More often than not it is incorporated as a ‘toolbox’ technique alongside an existing therapy provision such as Hypnotherapy, CBT or Life Coaching.

I am a fully qualified registered practitioner of this technique trained under the highly established trainer / therapist Kevin Laye (Click name to hear his youtube detailed explanation)

Member of the British Thought Field Therapy Association.